So you liked a job description, the salary package offered, as well as the details about the company on an online job portal? Of course, you must have applied for the position as well. Now, if you get a reply back or even if your CV gets viewed, then know that it is someone from the HR department who is short-listing you.

However, keep in mind that it the HR manager who will be involved in your final selection in every selection process. After all, this is one of the HR manager's roles and responsibilities.

So from your application submission to joining the company, the HR manager will be involved in every step of the way. But the HR manager’s duties aren’t limited to just new employee recruitment. He or she is involved in creating strategies that will benefit the organization and especially the employees who work in it. Also, the manager has to keep in mind that these strategies must be in line with the business strategies of the company.

After all, the HR manager is employed by the company. So he or she will be allied with the company first. As such, if the organization is implementing a new policy or strategy, then it is the HR manager roles and responsibilities to ensure that the other employees of the organization comply and smoothly transition to it as well.

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