The next big thing in crypto currency!

No one can deny a fact that cryptos been making wave in the past decade. The ease of use , without requiring any interrmediaries such as bank, made this crypto a talk of the town. This digital currency rush can be compare to the gold rush back in old days.
The feature if this digital currency such as bitcoin, ethereum, ripple etc made this digital coin a valuable asset.
The value that a bitcoin has and the hard way to own one makes bitcoin unaccessible to ordinary people. Thats why, pi(π) is created.
Pi can be mined right at your own cellphone. Mining is designed in a way that hoarding is nearly impossible, in this way everyone can be guaranteed an equal distribution of mining output, depending on your position in the hierarchy.
I suggest joining now to place yourself at higher strata. To guarantee yourself of much higher mining income.
If your looking for some passive income, set up this mining app in your cellphone and start mining.

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