Thomas Cook India Launches TCPay for Enhanced Digital Remittances

Thomas Cook India, a leader in omnichannel forex services, announced the rollout of its latest digital offering, TCPay, aimed at revolutionising international fund transfers. The new service is designed to streamline the process of sending money abroad by integrating advanced digital solutions, including a Video KYC system, to offer a fully digital, paperless experience from the comfort of one’s home.

Digital Solutions at the Forefront
TCPay introduces a host of innovative features that cater to the growing demand for efficient and hassle-free international transactions. Deepesh Varma, Executive Vice President of Thomas Cook India, highlighted the rapid growth in the company’s outward transfers business, which led to the development of TCPay. He emphasised that this initiative is a key part of the company’s digital-first strategy, aimed at capturing a larger share of the high-potential market segment.

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