Why Covid has made us rethink whether our homes are fit for purpose

Before the Covid pandemic struck, many of us had a fairly well established and well-rehearsed daily routine. We generally knew when we’d be at home and what we’d be doing while we were there.

Although home working has been on the increase for many years in tandem with advances in technology, the majority of us have jobs that involve being at another site – like an office or factory – for long periods of the day.

Being ‘out of the home’ for work and ‘at home’ for family, relaxation and socialising meant we had expectations about our homes. The pandemic changed these for a large proportion of the population – suddenly we found ourselves working from home, home-schooling, working out to Joe Wicks and spending movie nights in, along with lots of other things we’d normally leave the house to do.

Are our homes really adaptable?…