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zplus cyber security technology pvt ltd pune

zplus cyber security technology pvt ltd pune

Submitted by • August 28, 2020

Zplus Cyber Secure Technology is where you lock your digital security by collaborating with us.
Zplus Cyber Secure Technologies is one of the leading cyber security solutions company. Each Zplus cyber secure Technologies Pvt. Ltd services is designed to simplify IT security management across the length and depth of devices on multiple platforms. They are customized to suit consumers, small businesses, Government establishments and corporate houses.

Our services
1.Cyber Security- Zplus offers various security audit services which may include applications, Operating systems, Networks and policy. We provide following services 1. Security Assessment, 2.AMC & security Audit, 3. Anti- virus services 4. All security services
2. Web Development- Software design at high and low Level. We design wireframes, object models, and mockups too. Structured programming with standardized coding methods and version control system. Automated testing and bug triaging process to ensure the product delive

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