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Lakshya Eye Hospital is the **[best eye hospital in Badlapur][1]** and has been a great service provider to the people of Badlapur. Lakshya Eye Hospital has been serving the community... Read More

We provide world class services to medical device manufacturers by adapting to rapid changes in technology and expediting time to market. We provide world class services to medical device manufacturers by... Read More

Who is at greater risk of anemia? | Aspira Pathlab & Diagnostics | Pathology lab in Ghatkopar

Certain groups or professions are at a higher risk of developing anemia. These are some examples: Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant Infants (especially premature) Children in puberty stage People following poor diets People who... Read More

What Conditions Treat Joint Replacement Surgery? | Dr. Kunal Shah | Orthopedic surgeon in dahisar

Joint replacement surgery is beneficial for addressing numerous joint problems, including: Osteonecrosis – bone death owing to a lack of blood flow. Osteoarthritis – a disorder that causes the cartilage to break... Read More

Best Hospitals in Ranchi | Hospitals in Ranchi | Curesta Hospitals |

The Curesta Hospital is one of the best places to get medical treatment and consultation for nephrology, neurology, medicine, orthopedics, general surgery, gynecology, etc. Our hospital has earned recognition as... Read More

Side effects of laser treatment for vitiligo?| Viva Aesthetic Clinic | PRP treatment in south Mumbai

Laser therapy has very few negative effects. The majority of patients report no negative side effects. A few patients have complained of a minor, transient redness at the treatment site.... Read More

What causes Headaches? | Dr. Amit Shah | Neurologist in Borivali

There are many different causes of headaches; put simply-anything which causes irritation to the nerves around the face, head, neck, or even inside the skull, can cause pain in the... Read More

Medical RCM Solutions in Texas

Financial processes are a crucial part of all types of businesses and organizations. However, managing the revenue flow in healthcare is quite challenging while treating patients and providing treatments. Every... Read More

Splenectomy surgery involves the removal of the spleen, a sensitive organ located in the stomach, immediately beneath the left rib cage. The spleen is an essential organ for the immune... Read More

Healthy Blood Pressure? | Dr. Panchal Lab and Diagnostics Centre | Pathology Lab in Borivali

Blood pressure readings are divided into three categories Normal blood pressure is less than 120 systolic and less than 80 diastolic. Elevated is systolic pressure of 120-129 and diastolic pressure less than... Read More