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Insurance solutions are built-in with rules-driven automation to allow customers for touch less claims. Advanced claim management software also consists of dynamically guided workflows, customized user interfaces, and team planning... Read More

With Cogitate Technology’s insurance solutions, the claims handling department can rap-idly scan through thousands of claim documents to identify potential TLDs or related in-formation. After the software has identified a... Read More

No Duk was created out of a dire need. It's an idea birthed from a firsthand experience of not having the resources needed at the time of an accident; which also... Read More

The term “Hard Money” refers to a type of loan that is backed by hard assets such as real estate. A hard money loan is ideal for real estate investment.... Read More

Commercial loans are allowed to several business entities, generally for assisting the short-term funding needs such as purchasing equipment or meeting operational costs to facilitate the operating process. In the... Read More

Global Financial Training Program

Global Financial Services was founded by Phil Dushey over 36 years ago. He pioneered in the industry of providing financing solutions to small and medium sized business, as well as... Read More

Workers Compensation Insurance pays for medical care & physical health of employees injured at work and helps to recover wages while they are unable to work. Fort Myers Workers Compensation Insurance... Read More

Contact a John Perry Insurance agent today at 863-777-4966 for a liability insurance policy that can help prevent mistakes and errors from becoming major losses for your business. We are... Read More

Providing Condominium association Insurance in many cities as Bonita Spring, Cape Coral, Clewiston, LaBelle, Okeechobee and Fort Myers by John Perry Insurance. At John Perry Insurance Agency, we have the experience... Read More

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