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professional battery manufacturer

JB BATTERY, a OEM rechargeable battery manufacturer in China over 10 years. Specialized in custom nimh battery packs, Lithium polymer battery, LiFePO4 battery and Li-ion Battery pack. Our batteries got... Read More

We will discuss the best electric smokers that are great for your backyard. Easy to set up, easily controllable, Bluetooth remote control, enough space, etc. These electric smokers for sale... Read More

Feed pellet machine,feed production line price zeno pellet machine

Zeno Pellet Machine are specialized in producing feed pellet machine,floating fish feed machine,fish feed production line,pet food machine,animal feed machine and related equipment.We have years’ of experience of feed machines... Read More

Passengers riding on the racing car and drift around with the track, during the process, colorful lights shining which gives passengers a feeling that they are shuttle in the universe.... Read More

New amusement rides not only refers to the rides are made for the first time, they are not second hand, and they also refers to the rides that have be... Read More

The only difference is laying on the size and height. The whole capacity is 36 passenger at one time. Through it is 52 meters high, its running height is 43.5... Read More

There are many seats around the gondola. Passengers should sit and fasten their seatbelt before the ride. There are many kinds of pendulum rides in our factory, 6 seat... Read More

| Pyrolysis Plant | Charcoal Making Machine | Egg Tray Making Machine | Pellet Making Machine Are you aware that there are actually manual egg tray machines? They might work for a small... Read More

As a mixture of sight view and entertainment functions, the ferris wheel ride wins warm praise from tourists at home and abroad. According to the different diameter of ferris wheel,... Read More

We can supply many different models of kiddie rides which can meet most of our client’s demands. This is such a fun to drive indiscriminately from left to right.... Read More